Elkhart Coach Bus Repair and Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

Elkhart is well known for building high-quality commercial shuttle buses. Just like all the other types of buses, Elkhart buses also require routine maintenance and repair in order to remain at peak functionality. Here at Bus and Truck of Chicago, we offer a wide selection of preventive maintenance services that are sure to lengthen your bus's lifespan and prevent unexpected breakdowns. Whether you need basic engine oil changes or complex repairs, you can count on us to have your back.

Common Elkhart Bus Services

Engine Maintenance

In order to avoid unexpected breakdowns, it’s very important that you maintain your engine. Engine maintenance is a fairly straightforward task, for it doesn’t take much more than routine oil and filter changes to keep your engine healthy. Do keep in mind that your oil filter is not the only filter that needs to be changed during your oil changes. It’s also important for you to replace your fuel filters as well. 

Suspension Maintenance

Over time your shocks and bushings will wear out, causing a really rough ride. This could not be farther from ideal, for Elkhart buses are primarily responsible for hauling around people. After all, nobody wants to ride on an uncomfortable bus. Fortunately, we here at Bus and Truck of Chicago offer suspension services of all kinds.

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