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As an owner-operator or fleet manager, finding a reliable truck axle repair facility is hard to come by. That’s where Bus & Truck of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, comes in. With our industry-certified expert mechanics, you can be sure that when you have axle problems, we’ll have you covered.

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Currently, our average response time is 3 hours. If we’re busy, it might be closer to 24 hours.
Commercial truck axle repair in Chicago, IL

More Information About Truck Axle Repair Service at Bus & Truck of Chicago

Signs of Axle Misalignment or Damage

If you suspect your heavy-duty truck axles are damaged or misaligned, nothing is more important than seeking a professional mechanic’s advice and repair know-how. It’s also crucial you learn to recognize the signs of axle misalignment or damage, including unusual vibrations while your drive, uneven tire wear, poor braking performance, seized wheels, and difficulty steering or controlling the vehicle.

The Important Role of Axles in Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Axles play a vital role in the powertrain of heavy-duty vehicles. They are responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the wheels while ensuring the vehicle can handle heavy loads and difficult terrain. Without properly functioning axles, your trucks would not be able to perform at their best and could even be unsafe to operate.

Our Axle Repair Services

When you need heavy-duty truck axle repair, you need the best of the best. At Bus & Truck of Chicago, our team of industry-certified mechanics are well-equipped with the knowledge and equipment to tackle any axle repair job, no matter how big or small. Our truck axle repair services include differential repair, axle bearing replacement, ring and pinion replacement, axle housing repair, and more!

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When it comes to truck axle repair in Chicago, Illinois, you can trust Bus & Truck of Chicago to provide reliable and efficient service—just ask any of our happy customers! We are committed to keeping your heavy-duty vehicles in excellent condition so that you can keep your business on the up and up. Contact us today to schedule your truck repair appointment or learn more about our services.

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