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Mack trucks are widely regarded as one of the most capable trucks on this side of the planet. Not only can they haul unbelievable amounts of weight, but they keep their driver and occupants safe while doing it. Sometimes this reputation can lead people to believe their Mack truck doesn’t need to be proactively maintained, but that’s not entirely true. You may not have to maintain it as often as others, but it still needs to be maintained. Here at Bus and Truck of Chicago, we offer a wide variety of services that are sure to meet your every need. Whether you need a basic tire rotation or a full-blown engine repair, you can rest assured knowing Bus and Truck of Chicago have your back.

Common Mack Truck Maintenance Services

Engine Coolant

Did you know that your engine coolant loses its ability to absorb heat over time? This means less and less heat is pulled from your engine block and dispersed by your radiator. The excess heat that’s left in your engine block puts other components at risk and reduces the lifespan of your vehicle. By flushing this coolant and replacing it with new liquid on a regular basis, you’re lengthening the lifespan of your vehicle and reducing the chances of an unexpected breakdown. 

Filter Changes

Did you know you’re supposed to be changing your oil and fuel filters every time you do an oil change? Your filters are designed to filter out impurities from your oil and fuel, but they can get clogged up over time. If these filters stop doing their job, you may clog up your fuel injectors and introduce impurities into your oil. 

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