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More Information About Truck Wheel Alignment Service at Bus & Truck of Chicago

More Information About Truck Wheel Alignment Service at Bus & Truck of Chicago

It’s not uncommon for a truck that is driven thousands of miles a week to have its steering components and suspension shift out of alignment. What many may not know, is that improperly aligned truck wheels can result in an increased 2% cost of fuel and a 20% reduction in tire life. Improper wheel alignment results in an increase in rolling resistance of the tires, essentially, the tires are dragging down the road as opposed to rolling down the road.

Professional truck alignment ensures that your tires meet the road at the proper angle. Also known as wheel alignment, this increases the durability and efficiency of your tires. For optimal performance, proper truck alignment prevents your vehicle from pulling in different directions, creating a safer and more comfortable journey while maintaining fuel efficiency and decreasing uneven wear on the truck’s tires. When wheels are aligned correctly, they will be flat against the road and properly pointed. This is especially important for heavy-duty trucks that have higher work demands, heavy loads or drive long distances at high speeds.

At Bus & Truck of Chicago, we specialize in truck wheel alignment for larger vehicles and fleets. You can trust our certified mechanics to perform quick and reliable truck wheel alignment services. This will result in even wear of your truck tires, increased drivability, less wear of front-end suspension, safer vehicle operation, reduced operational costs, and better fuel economy

Our ASE certified mechanics know what it takes to keep your bus rolling in the right direction. In a standard truck wheel alignment, you can expect us to adjust the suspension, which is the system that connects your vehicle to its wheels, while also ensuring that the angles of the tires are optimized for safe contact with the road.

You can rely on Bus & Truck of Chicago to work with you to incorporate wheel alignment into your preventative maintenance program. Our expert team can determine when alignment is required based on your truck model, its tires, mileage and usage.

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