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As one of the only popular Japanese manufacturers in North America, it can be relatively difficult to find parts and services for Isuzu trucks. Here at Bus and Truck of Chicago, you can rest assured knowing our highly trained technicians will take good care of your heavy-duty vehicle. Similar to most other trucks, in order to avoid hefty repair bills, Isuzu trucks need to be fairly well maintained. Preventive maintenance prevents small issues from becoming large issues, and large issues from becoming major issues.

Common Isuzu Maintenance and Repair


Many Isuzu truck drivers have reported overheating problems when hauling a significant amount of weight. When your truck overheats yet is not overloaded, chances are your coolant system needs repair or maintenance. If something’s broken, whether it be a radiator fan or coolant hose, we’ll replace it. If nothing’s broken, we’ll perform some routine maintenance like coolant flushes and oil changes to boost your truck’s cooling capabilities. 

Ignition Issues

Another common issue that Isuzu truck drivers have reported is ignition issues. Many drivers report that their batteries die suddenly and without warning. This could mean your battery or alternator needs to be replaced, but it also indicates a potential problem with your plastic heatshield infrastructure within your engine bay. The plastic pieces within Isuzu engine bays are designed to funnel heat away from your battery, as extreme temperatures can lessen the lifespan of automotive batteries. 

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