Glaval Bus Repair and Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

Are you looking to reduce the chance of unexpected breakdowns? Maybe you’re in need of high-quality preventive maintenance services? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a ton of great services that are sure to not only prevent unexpected breakdowns but lengthen the lifespan of your bus as well. We’re all about stopping little issues from being large concerns. Why not give us a call and schedule an appointment today? Your Glaval bus will thank you.

Common Glaval Bus Maintenance Services

Oil, Fluids, and Filters

Your oil, fluids, and filters all must be changed at regular intervals. Generally, this interval time has already been decided upon by your manufacturer, but it’s also important to modify that ratio in accordance with how hard you work your bus. Regardless of the interval you choose, you can rest assured knowing our technicians here at Bus and Truck of Chicago will provide the right services for you. Call today to learn more. 

Tire Rotations

Over time heavy-duty tires experience tread wear, but that’s only bad if it wears out unevenly. Fortunately, ensuring your tires wear out evenly is actually an easy task. Our technicians here at Bus and Truck of Chicago will rotate your tires to ensure they last for as long as possible. 

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