Prevost Bus Repair and Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

Prevost builds some of the best motorhomes and passenger coaches on the market. In order for these buses to maintain their comfortable and reliable ride, they need to be proactively maintained and repaired. Over time parts will experience wear and tear, and although the wear and tear itself isn’t a huge concern, if left alone it could certainly become one. Preventive maintenance is designed to stop small issues from becoming big ones. Here at Bus and Truck of Chicago, we offer a full set of preventive maintenance services that are sure to benefit you and your bus.

Common Prevost Bus Services


A lot of Prevost buses will have onboard bathrooms and kitchens. Although this is a desirable feature, it does mean there is plumbing to take into account. Everything from filters to water lines needs to be maintained and quite possibly repaired on a regular basis. Here at Bus and Truck Chicago, we’ll repair your plumbing system and keep it fully functional for as long as possible. 


Due to the complexity of a Prevost’s electrical system, electrical issues can definitely happen. Here at Bus and Truck of Chicago, we have the tools and diagnostic processes to handle any electrical issue. 

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