Starcraft Bus Repair and Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

Although Starcraft buses are usually pretty durable, routine maintenance and repair are still a necessity. Whether it be maintaining your engine or repairing damaged components, routine service is a sure-fire way to keep your bus in tip-top shape. Not to mention you’ll also be reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns. Now we know routine maintenance is only possible for those that have time, so we’ve designed our services to be as efficient as possible. We won’t keep your bus off its route for long periods of time.

Tell-tale Signs That Your Starcraft Bus Needs Service

Rough Idle and Poor Performance

If your engine is idling very roughly and isn’t performing well, you should definitely bring your bus in for service. This symptom can be caused by anything from a malfunctioning EGR system to a clogged fuel injection system. Whatever the initial cause may be, your engine is likely getting a less than satisfactory mix of air and fuel. Here at Bus and Truck of Chicago, we’ll have your engine fixed up before you know it. 

Uncomfortable Ride

If your bus is very uncomfortable to ride in, you should definitely bring your bus in for service. It’s highly likely that something in your suspension setup needs to be repaired or replaced. Rough rides can be caused by anything from a worn-out shock to a warped linkage. Our technicians will inspect your bus and identify the cause of the issue. 

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