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Volvo trucks are incredibly popular and are beloved by many North American truck drivers. Although Volvo trucks are known for their aesthetically pleasing looks and comfortable interior, underneath you’ll find a very durable and strong powertrain capable of hauling virtually anything. For those that aren’t familiar with the Volvo assembly process, Volvo trucks are actually built on the same assembly line as Mack trucks. This means they share a lot of the same components and are almost just as tough as the legendary Mack brand. Although Volvo trucks are generally reliable, they’re not immune to the standard maintenance that all trucks must undergo. Here at Bus and Truck of Chicago, we’re preventive maintenance experts.

Common Preventive Maintenance Services

Coolant System Flushes

Did you know that your engine’s coolant will lose its ability to absorb heat over time? Many drivers don’t realize this until their engine starts to overheat! Even if your coolant system is fully operational bad coolant may still cause the system to overheat. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. Here at Bus and Truck of Chicago, we’ll flush the old coolant out of your system and replace it with new coolant. 

Engine Oil Changes

Just like coolant, your engine’s oil also breaks down over time. This means it loses its ability to lubricate metal components, which results in increased friction and heat. Here at Bus and truck Chicago, we’ll have your oil, along with your oil and fuel filters, changed in no time whatsoever. 

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